Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Comrades! Drones On Parade!

Matt Bracken, the author of Enemies Foreign and Domestic, wrote on Facebook today:
Comrades, watch as the glorious ShadowHawk police drone busts two white males for selling an evil Glock and AR-15 in an illegal private sale! All hail the glorious Police Surveillance Service! (But why didn't they just drop a missile?) Video advert for police UAV. Naturally, the evil doers are shown and named as white males. Meeting in an evil rural area, no less, to sell GUNS! Not Meth, not heroin, not Semtex or C-4, but evil GUNS. Let's count their evil ways:
1. White men. (Guilty already.)
2. Rural area. (Bitter clingers.)
3. Selling evil assault weapons without govt permission.
This is the video he was referring to is below.

Yes, it's a mini-turbine-powered helicopter unmanned surveillance vehicle.

The sequence of events in the 7-minute video are as follows:

  1. Shots of the "pilot" powering up and taking off the drone.
  2. Discussions between police dispatcher and drone operator, saying "target in sight".
  3. The "target" is shown in far-infrared (heat vision) by the drone next to a lake or small pond, apparently operating in total darkness.
  4. Cops take "target" person down and prones him out, as the drone continues to surveil in heat vision.  "One 1045 in custody."  Cop drags him away.
  5. Title slide: "Arms Trafficking Surveillance".
  6. A black car is shown in the daytime on the drone's camera.  It's clear this is taking place in rural America, as the car is announced by the drone operator as having Texas plates.  It pulls up next to a red Mustang, with the drone continuing to surveil.
  7. Two men in coats get out of the cars.  There is dispatcher chatter that "wo white males" have a handgun out.   Looks like a Glock or an M&P.  Black car guy hands it to Mustang guy, who checks the sights and dry-fires it.  Looks like a private sale.
  8.  Black-car guy pulls out an AR-15 from his trunk.  I can't tell that it's semi-auto, but with a flashlight and a red-dot scope, why wouldn't it be?  Who has a full-auto M16 tricked out like that?
  9. Comment from dispatcher or drone operator: "Suspect just pulled an ASSAULT RIFLE from the trunk."  Nice propaganda!  The big-city police viewing this ad are probably salivating at this point
  10. Guy in the tan coat from the Mustang sights down the scope, checks controls on the rifle, like he's looking it over to buy it.
  11. Looks like Mustang guy pays black-car guy with some kind of wallet.  It's cash and carry, and the Mustang guy puts his purchases into his car's trunk.  Dispatcher is talking like a crime has just been committed.

    KEEP IN MIND: THIS IS TOTALLY LEGAL IN TEXAS!  AS IT SHOULD BE throughout the United States!  The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed!
  12. Shots of the drone following the black car.
  13. Shots of heat vision, officer? taking down the seller of the AR and the Glock?

This is exactly the scenario the company that produce this UAV see it being used: on AMERICAN soil to capture people who are engaging in Constitutional, private transactions to purchase arms, the right to keep and bear such is protected by the strongest language in the Constitution, "SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED".

The company who makes this drone, Vanguard UAS, knows that very shortly, there is going to be a market for their drone in America, doing precisely this kind of jack-booted tyranny,

Are you OK with that?

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