Monday, January 21, 2013


Howdy, folks, Backwoods Engineer here.  Some o' my kin have got tired of hearin' me rant on Facebook, while others watch every post.  I've started this blog to share with y'all some of the things I love, hoping to gather some of the latter folks, who love these things, too.

Now, Ol' Backwoods Engineer has been educated and taught fancy city-folk grammar, but here among my kin and my buds, you'll see Ol' Backwoods slippin' back into his native tongue from time to time.  I hope y'all will bear with me, like the Good Book says.

Hereabouts, we're gonna discuss (but not cuss) about:

  • Christianity.  Yep, Jesus.  Most 'o these posts will be on Sunday, so if'n that ain't yer cup o' tea, you can skip that like ya skip church.  But I'd encourage everybody to read these posts; I'll try not to bore y'all like the Parson does.
  • Guns.  Of all kinds.  Yep, and pictures of 'em.  Pictures of me and mine shootin' up all that ammo that we bought cheap and stacked deep.  I'm mostly a rifle and handgun enthusiast, although I own several shotguns, and enjoy wingshooting.  I ain't no fancy shooter, no IPSC or IDPSA champion, and I sure ain't never won no Camp Perry match, but I love it nonetheless, and I aim to get better all the time.

    And I aim to fight for my rights here, usin' all the weapons of rhetoric available.  Even y'all city folk oughta pay attention, and fight for your right to keep and bear arms.
  • Politics.  Given the first two, this cain't be avoided.   My rhetorical crosshairs will be boresighed mostly on the statist, collectivist, malum-prohibitum-writin', gun-grabbin' Progressives, although statists on the Right will get their "fair share" of my keyboard-bangin' righteous wrath, too.
  • Emergency Preparedness.  "A country boy can survive."  And a country girl, too.  Even y'all city slickers can make out OK if'n you just prepare a little bit.  It burns me up to see good people, city or country, runnin' to the gubermint whenever the power goes out for a few days.  Follow my lead, and y'all ain't gonna have such a bad time of it.
  • Tech.  I love designin' things, especially things that have to do with electronics, control systems, guns, amateur radio, and/or CAD/CAM.  This is the part of my personality that my kin just cain't understand, but I hope y'all will find interesting.  I am an electronics engineer by trade, and I like designin' things, and I hope to share that with y'all.

Anyhow, welcome to my blog, and let's git started.


  1. Dig your site, and your writing. Keep up the good work spreading the word.

  2. If you are the user from the survival podcast forum, i was wondering how the progress for the encrypted radio is going/went