Thursday, January 24, 2013

MOVE on to "Weapons of Mass Destruction"!

Michael Nutter (yeah, he is one), mayor of Philadelphia  was just on TV calling my AR-15 a "weapon of mass destruction". Now, that there is rich, friends, coming from "The City that Bombed Itself."

Yeah, he oughta know what a weapon of mass destruction is, given that another Democrat mayor of Philadelphia used one on his own city.  Yes, an actual bomb, dropped from a helicopter, made of several pounds (!) of C4 plastic explosive taped to a 5-gallon (!) can of gasoline, was dropped on the so-called MOVE house in 1985.

These were black activists (!) who had a bone to pick with the mayor.   Well, Mayor Goode picked their bones: the bomb destroyed 65 houses and killed 11 people!   That place went up like dry pine scrub in the wintertime, and burned blocks upon blocks of houses.

But of course, no one in the city government was charged for a crime.

Oh, but Mayor Goode only killed 5 kids.  Not like the 20 at Sandy Hook.  I guess Ol' Lanza shoulda just MOVE-bombed the place.

People like Mayor Nutter are moral retards.  They do not understand morality, since they themselves will do anything to increase their power.  And they have the audacity to say we gun owners are the danger to society.

Funny, no peace-lovin' gun owner has ever done something like that. No, we leave the big killing to Democrat politicians.

And those who don't know history are doomed to vote for Democrat politicians who repeat it.


  1. Thanks to Stormdog on Free Republic, who caught my error of pasting Mayor Rizzo's name instead of Mayor Goode's. Corrected.

  2. I recognize Mr. Nutter's name from a comment he made a while back that I agreed with. I don't remember what he said exactly, but it said something on the order of 'Pull your pants up. Nobody wants to see your crack'. The words he used were quite funny and to the point. Too bad to hear is another one of these liberals that think they are know best.