Friday, January 25, 2013

Mouth of Obama: Biden Backpedaling on Gun Ban

I hope y'all have read your Professor Tolkein; you'll need it for this post.  Y'all remember that nasty little thing that came out to speak for Sauron?  Under the spell of his master, Sauron, just as evil, mean, and nasty?

Ol' Joe Biden is the Mouth of Sauron in this here gun grab fight; he spews what he's told in the dark corners of Mordor.

"Mouth of Sauron" Joe Biden (AP image)

   And look what he's saying now:
WASHINGTON — Vice President Joe Biden said Thursday that he's more concerned about limiting the number of rounds in a gun magazine than about banning assault weapons that account for a small percentage of gun deaths.
Biden is telling the Minions of Mordor (otherwise known as the Media) to de-emphasize the so-called "assault weapons" ban, and start beating the drums harder for takin' our standard-capacity magazines away.

Now, why might'n that be?

Ol' Backwoods reckons Sauron Obama can read the FBI's statistics on the number of guns purchased since the Sandy Hook Massacre as good as anybody else.  And he knows: we are voting with our dollars, down at the gun store and in the halls of the gun shows.

They have scanned the World-Wide Web and read the angry diatribes from gun owners.  They know they don't have the votes in the Senate, either, much less the House.

And they saw the way the Eastern Outdoors Show fell apart after the NRA and over 150 vendors pulled out of it, after Reed (the management) announced that no "modern sporting rifles" like AR-15's could be displayed at the show.  Heck, even one of my favorite game sauce outfits, GutNtag, pulled out.  (Show some gratitude, and go order some of that Habanero sauce!)

Let Ol' Backwoods translate that for ya: Biden is telling us they know they are losing the fight.

But later in the piece, comes a statement so disingenuous, so deceptive, so out-and-out vile that it demands a response:

[Biden] says a ban would solve part of the gun violence problem, particularly for police who can be outgunned by criminals with assault weapons.
WHAT?!  How is THAT possible?

Civilians have not been able to buy a new machine gun for 27 years!  The supply of machine guns that non-law-enforcement Americans can buy is fixed by Federal law, and they are getting rarer and more expensive all the time.

But police can buy all the machine guns they want!  So, how can they possibly be outgunned by criminals?

And what criminal buys "assault rifles" at a gun show or dealer?  Again, they CAN'T, because of the Hughes amendment to the 1986 Firearms Owners Protection Act.

We are winning this thing, I suspect, but we have to keep at it.  Ol' Backwoods is contacting his Congresspeople every way I can, and suggest you do, too.  Ruger has put together a nice web page for us to do that automagically.  You should use it.

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