Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Let's Pretend It's 1985

Back in 1985, Ol' Backwoods paid no attention to firearms laws.  The national gun laws on the books at the time -- the National Firearms Act of 1934 and the Gun Control Act of 1968 -- did not affect what I was doing with guns then.   Local gun laws in the dusty end of Oklahoma?

Let's put it this way: there were rifles and shotguns in the gun rack of every pickup in the high school parking lot, and the Superintendent of Schools (also my Sunday School teacher) would catch us as my buddy and I came into school, asking us how the squirrel/dove/quail/etc. hunt went in the morning before school, and what were we going to go hunt or shoot after school.  He loved our stories, and would often add his own.

There was no thought that any of us boys would ever shoot up the school.  If anything, we would have gone out and armed ourselves and PROTECTED the school.

Back then, we'd go to the hardware store/gun shop, or the local department store, and look at all the cool guns we couldn't afford, and buy some ammo if we could afford it.  I spent quite a bit of my limited spending money on ammo.

If we weren't hunting, we'd plink cans, or old TVs, or kill crows, or prairie dogs, or feral cats, whatever we could.

We loved it.  There was nothing more enjoyable to me (well, exceptin' THAT) than hanging out with my buddies, hunting or shooting or fishing or talking about those things.

I fear for my country, and I fear that the Progressives will try and take our rights away, and future high school kids won't be able to enjoy such pleasures.

Today, Ol' Backwoods went to our favorite gunsmith's, and then to our favorite gun store, with two of my best shooting buddies.

It was almost like it was 1985 again.

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