Monday, January 21, 2013

Innovation Defeats Gun Control, Every Time

Ol' Backwoods is puttin' together another AR, this time in .300 AAC Blackout.  That got me thinkin' about how little use the big-city, statist, tyrannical, gun-grabbin' Progressives' gun control plans are for actually limiting the possession of guns.  Technology is always advancing, but gun control is stuck on stupid, back in the '60s.

To wit, this is a gun:

Well, for the ATF's purposes, anyway.  This is a stripped AR-15 lower receiver, one of Ol' Backwoods favorites from New Frontier Armory LLC, lightweight as a hollow reed in a swamp.  When put together with a stock and 16" upper, makes a nice, lightweight semi-automatic rifle that Ol' Backwoods can pack for miles.

(And yes, Ol' Backwoods DOES hunt with an AR; they're pure-dee poison for wild hogs and coyotes.)

The lower in the picture up yonder was transferred to Ol' Backwoods on a Federal Form 4473, which the ATF can come and grab from the gun store at any time, even though there's a federal law that says they ain't supposed to use 'em for registration.

This is also a gun.  No Form 4473 needed.

That's Defense Distributed's downloadable AR-15 lower, printed on a 3D printer.  Sure, it cracked after a few rounds, but all technology has to start somewhere:

After that test, they analyzed the stress areas:

... and beefed up that part of the lower.  (Ol' Backwoods uses AutoCad Inventor for stress analysis, but I think that there's SolidWorks.)

Given that Ol' Backwoods has access to a few of them fancy 3D printers, he might just give it a try.  It worked pretty good with an FN 5.7mm upper:

As long as there are people around with skills, guns can never be truly banned.  What we can't buy, we will make.  Just like my Granddaddy did.

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