Monday, January 21, 2013

Gun Grabbers: Senator Kay Hagan

Alright, OK, Ol' Backwoods ain't seen Senator Hagan vote for much yet to limit our freedom (except ObamaCare).  But that don't mean we shouldn't call her office up and put a little counter-pressure on her.  The North Carolina Democrat Party has come out strong for gun bans, and we in North Carolina have dun been votin' NO with our wallets.

My friend Sean Sorrentino, down in the city at An NC Gun Blog, lays out the facts.
Let me tell you how Kay Hagan could ensure her defeat. She could come out for any of the gun control proposals being floated. The gun owners of this state, having been lulled to sleep by constant lies that Obama wasn’t anti-gun, are awake and pissed off. We can’t find an AR or an AK for sale anywhere in the state because people bought them all up. Normal capacity magazines are basically unobtainable. Ammo is GONE. The people have voted with their money, and they aren’t voting FOR gun control.
Let's keep a weather eye out on Senator Hagan's voting.  If'n she votes for that disgusting malum-prohibitum mess that Senator Feinstein put out, Hagan needs to be told to go git another job.  Politely, but firmly :-)

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