Monday, January 21, 2013

City vs. Rural

Now, my friend Jack Spirko has delivered many a smackdown on the website Natural News in general, and Mike Adams its editor in particular, mostly for overblown doom-mongering.

But this piece by Adams is an exception.  Yes, it has broad-brush generalizations, but they are by and large true, and Adams has facts to back it up.


City people tend to be socialist-minded. Their motto is: Conform! Obey! Be part of the collective!
Country people tend to be libertarian-minded. Their motto is: Survive! Work hard! Stand out as an individual!
City people are afraid of non-conformity. They're afraid of tractors, guns, farm animals and anything else they don't understand.
Country people are afraid of being told what to do by a bunch of city people who have no clue where their food comes from, where water comes from, what "growing seasons" are, or how to survive in the real world.
City people tend to believe in "living off the government" and collective welfare and other entitlements wherever possible.
Country people tend to believe in "living off the land" and finding ways to survive on their own or with the help of family. They feel a sense of personal shame if driven to use food stamps or other forms of welfare.
City people tend to vote democratic because democrats reflect the lean toward socialism and everything socialism brings them: welfare, subsidized housing, conformity, obedience, etc.
Country people tend to vote Republican because Republicans reflect more of a rugged individualism mindset that encourages business ownership, financial savings and living a more free life with fewer regulations and government controls.
If you look at every voting map of America over the last few years, you'll find that rural areas overwhelmingly voted Republican while urban areas overwhelmingly voted Democrat. 
Yep, these are generalizations, and there are city people (like my buddy Frank from Long Island) who are pretty tough, self-reliant and have skills to survive.  But most city folk don't; they just depend on the government.

Just read it all, and y'all will see what I mean.

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