Monday, January 21, 2013

City-think: The Guns of Obamerica

Ol' Backwoods has a high opinion of that Daniel Greenfield fella, down there in the city at Sultan Knish. More 'n once, his pieces have enlightened subjects that the mainstream media were trying to muddy. This piece is as good as any ol' Daniel has even done.

Greenfield makes the point that Prohibition, Gun Control, and the War on Drugs are all Progressive policies, and all utter failures when attempted at the Federal level:
Reformers in the twenties blamed the plight of the slums on the availability of liquor. They rammed through Prohibition for the entire country to fix the cities. The liquor went on flowing and the slums went on being slums. Gun control has been just as successful in healing the slums as whiskey control was. And like the dry reformers, gun control advocates insist on trying to apply their solution on a national level, when the problem is not nationwide.
Just read the whole thing, folks.

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