Monday, January 21, 2013

10 Things I Can't Believe

Ol' Backwoods posts some on Jack Spirko's The Survival Pocast Forum.  One of the posts that caught my eye this evening was by a fella called Twibble.  He had a list that was very thought provoking.  Share it with the gun-grabbers and their enablers that you know.
By asking us to relinquish our right to keep and bear arms (protected the 2nd Amendment), you are asking us to believe:
  1. ..we will never be a victim of a violent crime;
  2. ...the police can/will protect each person (Supreme Court says: NO);
  3. ...the government will never try to murder a particular group wholesale (again);
  4. ...our government will never try to put its citizens in camps (again) or massacre a peaceful gathering (again);
  5. ...our country will never again have riots;
  6. ...the 'War on Drugs' will never affect our cities, towns, or neighborhoods;
  7. ... criminals will also turn in their guns;
  8. ...our country will never be invaded (again) (again);
  9. will always be provided for us and our fellow Americans in quantities that mean we will never have to hunt or protect what we have;
  10. ...that our government will never need to be overturned because it has become tyrannical.
I edited it some, and added links.  Thanks Twibble!

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